Monday, 23 July 2012

Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Day Cream: Review

I've used this moisturiser for a long time, I must have gone through at least three or four tubes! It is a light cream which hydrates my skin without making it oilier. Having oily skin means I don't want to over load my skin with moisture but nor I don't want to dry it out completely. This moisturiser balances this well as it's a fine line between too much moisture and not enough. It doesn't make my face feel greasy in the slightest and sinks in quickly.

It has a light fragrance without any specific smell, just that sort of general face cream smell. It also has SPF 8 in it, which is probably such a low amount it doesn't really protect much from the sun at all, but it doesn't hurt to have it in there!

What are some of your favourite moisturisers? 


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  1. Hey. I love this moisturiser! Think I'm on my 4th tube, it's my 'go to' product for when anything else is too heavy and it never ever fails me. Have a little half a tube in my handbag just incase. IT'S PERFECT!


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