Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Liners

If you read my last post, then you'll know how excited I was to see the new Rimmel eye liners had finally been released. I have pretty small eyes, and so a nude eye liner to open, brighten them up and generally make my eyes appear bigger has long been sought after. A pencil under five pounds and available at Superdrug and Boots is even better.

I picked up 'Nude' and 'Taupe' (such inventive names!). Vivianna recommended both, and as I sympathise with her small eye problems, I thought they would be good for me. I was possibly expecting too much from the Nude pencil. It's simply a completely matte peachy nude. I was expecting to look up and see a bambi eyed beauty, but alas that wasn't quite what happened. I think it does make your eyes look marginally bigger and rounder, but it does do a lovely job of brightening your eye and making you look more awake in general. 

The Taupe pencil is lovely. A simple cool toned taupey brown, which gives the most subtle definition to your eyes. It does have some shimmer, but this doesn't translate on to the eye at all. The pencil can so subtly add some dimension to your eyes without being too heavy and closing them up. Both pencils are creamy and long lasting.  A pencil can only last to a certain extent on the waterline, but this hangs around for a fair amount of time. On my top lid it lasts all day. They claim to be waterproof, I haven't tested this out yet but imagine they would last pretty well!

Have any of you tried out the new pencils yet? What are your thoughts?



  1. I was thinking of trying out the nude liner too!
    Maybe try a pure white eye-liner and put it on your
    lower lash line? It makes my eyes a lot bigger!
    Love the blog:) xx

    1. Hmmm, I find a pure white eyeliner can look a little harsh, but I definitely recommend the nude liner! xx

  2. This is a fantastic review!


  3. Taupes and nudes look so beautiful on! Detailed review :)


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