Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Garnier Soothing Eye Makeup Remover: Review

I think eye make up is always the trickiest to remove. This remover does the job pretty well, it's fairly quick and removes most make up well, however I haven't used this with waterproof mascara so that may change! I pour a small amount onto a cotton pad, and then hold it over the eye for a few seconds. This starts to break down the make up, and then you can wipe it away. I always use a different cotton pad for each eye, not just because one is usually coated in make up after cleansing one eye, but so as not to spread any bacteria from one eye to the other. It has never irritated my eyes, which is important to me as I'm an infrequent contact lense wearer, and I think we should take extra care with our eyes as they're so delicate. 

My eyes aren't left feeling greasy, and there is virtually no scent to the product at all. They are probably better make up removers on the market, but for £2.99 it does the job perfectly fine for the amount of eye make up I wear.

What do you recommend for removing eye make up? Do you use a specific eye make up remover?



  1. Hey, I used this ages ago but I found it left kind of a greasy residue around my eyes. Maybe I"m doing something wrong! Tempted to dig it out and give it another go! Thanks :)


    1. I've never found that, although I do use a cleanser after to take away my face make up so that could be why! Give it another go you might find you like it :)

  2. I have never tried this product but I would be interested in giving it a go after reading this review :) I recently bought the body shop toner to help get rid of excess makeup but I havent tried it yet, but other than that I always use the simple eye makeup remover pads, which are definetely worth trying they dont leave eyes feeling greasy and they're made for sensitive skin! I highly recommend them :) x


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