Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lush: Let The Good Times Roll

I was pretty excited to get this product. Many people reviewed it over winter, but mentioned it was only for the Christmas collection. This cleanser sounded like heaven, but I didn't want to get attached to a product when it was limited edition. Until the other day my sister came home with a little pot. After sneekily  using it a few times I thought I'd ask the lovely people at Lush what was going on, and it turns out it has been moved into the permanent collection, hurrah! On hearing this I bought my own pot straight away.

I think Lush products are very subjective because of their strong smell, but Let The Good Times Roll is right up my street. It was love from first smell! It's a mixture of popcorn, caramel and general buttery goodness. Yum. It comes in a massive golden yellow blob. You grab a  pinch of the squidgy product and mix into a paste. It says to rub it first in the palm of your hand, but generally I just go straight to my face, going in circular motions. What draws me most to this cleanser (apart from the smell) is the texture. It exfoliates your skin, but ever so gently. The exfoliant keeps your face fresh and clean but is gentle enough to use everyday.

As with all Lush products, the ingredients are oh natural. It has a total of ten ingredients, one of which is popcorn! It seems unusual to have a whole piece of popcorn in a scrub, but there are only a few in there so the texture isn't too chunky. The cleanser doesn't dry my skin out, neither does it make it oily. I can't ask for much more than that!

It is a little bit more expensive than my usual morning cleanser at £5.95, and truth be told I think I will go through it pretty quickly, but all in all it is completely worth it.


  1. oooh great review thanks for sharing x

  2. this sounds lovely! I bet it smells amazing! I'll have to go and try it. x

  3. This sounds lovely, I especially like the smell you described! Although I prefer fruity odours when it comes to beauty products, I wouldn't mind branching out and giving this a go. The only annoyance I have with lush is because their products are so gorgeous and natural their sell by dates aren't usually that long. Very helpful review :) xo

  4. Following :D and I nominated you for a liebster award here:

  5. thanks for sharing this, i must try it sometime!



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