Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot. Where do I begin? This product is my baby, I love it probably more than a sane person should love a small pot of makeup, but I really can't help it.

If I am bothering to wear any sort of colour on my lids, nine times out of ten I'll be wearing Rubenesque. Worn on its own it is easy to apply and blend out with a finger. Worn underneath eyeshadow, it is a fantastic primer which makes your eyeshadow last all day. Well, a good 12 hours at the least ;) On its own the wear time isn't quite as good. With my oily skin it lasts somewhere more between eight and ten hours, but if you have drier skin it may last a lot longer.

The colour is simply gorgeous, a peachy pinky gold which is very versatile. It has some shimmer to it, but just enough to give more of a 'glow' to the eye, rather than ending up a glittery mess. It isn't incredibly pigmented once applied to the eye, but can be built up to give a stronger colour.

At £14.50 each, it's not the cheapest product in my makeup bag, but to me it is worth every penny. I have had my pot since February and there's barely a dent in it.

Have you ever tried the Mac Paint Pots? If so recommend me some different colours below!



  1. I absolutely love MAC Paint Pots. I am going to be doing a post of my collection soon. I have a few... :S


  2. Such a stunning product this is a beautiful shade as well ;)


  3. Saw this the other day, and almost picked it up! I really love the mac paintery and constructivist paint pot xx


  4. Ah go on then, you've convinced me to buy one of the paint pots :)
    Loving your blog :)


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