Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Favourites

Top to bottom: UD Faint, UD Walk of Shame, No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil (brown), Topshop Highlighter (Crescent Moon)

I can't believe how long it's been since I've done a favourites post! But this month I had some particular products I wanted to share with you, so let's jump right in!

Topshop Highligher: I wasn't massively keen on this when I first picked it up, and it sat in the draw for a month or so without much love. However this month I've really started to love this highlighter. Although it doesn't pick up in the photo, it has quite a pink shimmer which was what put me off. This pinky colour  means on my skin tone it gives such a lovely glow which looks incredibly natural.

No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil, Brown: I was given this in a christmas set last year but I've never really had much time for brown eyeliners until recently. Most mornings I've thickly run it all the way around my eyes and then smudged it out with my finger. A slightly smokey defined look in seconds. It's rare any eye makeup will last my whole day at college and this is no exception, but I love this as it's easy to redo in seconds.

Balmi: I'm sure most of you will immediately think of the EOS lip balms when you see this. It's a good lipbalm, very moisturising but not greasy. I like the ergonimic little dome, the only problem is that once you've worn it down a bit it's not quite as easy to use. I seem to be going through this pretty quickly, and they're a little more expensive at £5 so I probably won't repurchase, but I've enjoyed using it. One thing I can't fault is the smell, that strawberry scent.... I can't get enough of it!

MaxFactor Clump Defy Mascara: Another American dupe! This is apparently the same as CoverGirl Clump Crusher. I've certainly fallen in love with this mascara. It gives good volume and is just the easiest to use. Like the name suggests, it doesn't clump in the slightest, something that I'm very picky about with mascaras. I never thought I would like a curved wand but this is a beauty. It fits the shape of my eyes perfectly and gets right into the corners.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: I've been loving this palette for a simple, natural matte look but my particular favourites are Walk of Shame and Faint. W.O.S is actually very hard to see on the swatch - which is exactly why I love it! It is the perfect matte base, and I often use it before the No7 pencil. I've used Faint everyday, it's my perfect brow colour!

Real Techniques Brow Brush: This doesn't really need much explanation, it's perfect for filling in brows (obviously). It has the right amount of stiffness but not so much that you pick up too much product.

I thought I would throw in a couple of other favourites as well! It's been over a month since I saw Les Miserables but I'm still obssessed with the whole film. I may have spent several nights watching behind the scenes from the film and Eddie Redmayne interviews.. You don't need to tell me I have a problem! My favourite songs are definitely Master of the House, ABC Cafe / Red and Black, and Do You Hear The People Sing. Thank god for Spotify, that's all I'm saying. My main musical favourite without a doubt has been Tom Odell. His album is coming out soon and I cannot wait. I seriously recommend Another Love and Can't Pretend.

I'll leave you with Another Love, have a good week guys! xo


  1. wow love it! dying for the naked basics pallette!

  2. The more I see that UD palette, the more appealing it seems to me! I actually quite like the pink pearlescence of the Topshop highlighter :) One of my favs from the Les Mis soundtrack is the three-way song with Samantha Barks, Eddie and Amanda. I listen to that one on repeat :p

  3. I love that mascara and I really want to try the highlighter :)

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  4. So many lovely products! I'm in love with that song, i just can't seem to get enough (:

  5. I was just commenting on another blog that I need a lesson in eye make-up application, I'm not really the greatest therefore I keep it simple. Which gets a little boring :-/
    I need to check out some of these products! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you're having a good weekend.

  6. The Topshop highlighter looks gorgeous! x


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