Thursday, 15 November 2012

Collection Sheer Loose Powder

This powder is a holy grail item for me. Having oily skin, in a nutshell, sucks. Before using this I was finding myself powdering my face constantly. However on the average day (provided it's not too hot) this baby keeps my skin matte pretty much all day. Towards the end my nose is getting quite shiny, but the rest of my face is still pretty matte. One thing I really love about this product is that it doesn't collect under my glasses. I wear glasses on and off, so when I take a break from wearing them the last thing I want is to have powder marks around my nose!

I like the loose powder form, it is so finely milled that it never looks cakey, and doesn't exaggerate any dry patches too badly. It's definitely not the best powder for travelling, I think a nice idea would be a little swivel cover so it's easier to grab on the go, but considering it's only £2.99 I'm not complaining! I have the transparent shade so I don't have to worry about using different colours through the seasons. And it definitely does last long enough for this to be a problem! The two pots I've already been through lasted 6 months each, pretty impressive I think.

What products do you use to keep the shine away?


  1. I use the Bare Minerals powder! I have oily skin too and I think it works really well!!

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  2. Amazing post! :)
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  3. What an affordable product! Powders are terrific for oil control and people with oily skin - I'm really liking Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder for that reason :) This one seems like a much cheaper, but still effective, alternative!


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