Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

I've never really done much to my eyebrows, I always pluck them, but aside from that I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to the brow area. Until a few weeks or so ago when I realised that actually, my brows are a little bit sparse at the front. Up until now any sort of eyebrow filling in has always scared me, I was always worried about ending up looking silly with too heavy brows!

Sammi always talks about this pencil, and seeing as it was so inexpensive (£2.99, correct me if I'm wrong) I thought I may as well give it a try. Oh how glad am I that I did!

This is just such a good product!

The shade (002 Hazel) matches me so well, which surprised me as initially I thought it might be a bit dark or too warm for my brows. It's a really soft pencil which makes it so very easy to blend. I think this is probably what makes it such an amazing product. I very, very lightly fill in the front of my brows and then blend it with my finger or the comb on the lid. This gives it such natural look. I don't feel as though my brows have been filled in, just given a bit of subtle definition. It lasts literally all day. When coming back from the paralympics I was so tired I only roughly removed my eye makeup, and by the morning my brows were exactly as they were at the start of the day! Impressive! The eyebrow comb is brilliant, it has very stiff bristles. 

And so the moral of the story is, try new things! But seriously, I'm surprised I'm getting along so well with this pencil after being so wary of anything brow related in the beginning. Now I actually feel like my face is incomplete without touching up my brows a bit!

Do any of you like brow pencils? Filling your brows in with powder? Or do you have a brow filling in phobia like I did?!



  1. Just had a look at your blog thanks to you following LIQUORICE! :) I always pencil in my non existant eyebrows, I was reluctant at first thinking I might look like 90s goth but it really changes your face for the better! X

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  3. I've got this pencil, I didn't think I would like it as much as I do but it's soooo good!! ... slight problem though, I've gone and lost the brush lid for it :-( ... meh, gives me an excuse to buy another one!


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